Table Tennis Tourney in Car Equipment Building Cameraderie

NOVEMBER 15 – The competitive spirit is alive and well in Car Equipment, where over 50 members are competing in a table tennis tournament starting this month.

Organized by CED member Lyubomyr Kharko, who previously organized a chess tourney, table tennis action has gotten underway across the system at Coney Island Overhaul, 207 Street Overhaul, East New York Maintenance, and Pelham Barn.

November is for preliminary rounds, so members from Car Equipment can still sign up to play. Four winners will be decided at the final stage of competition in December. Members are competing at lunchbreaks and on their own time, which works because of the quick nature of play.

CED Executive Board Member Gregory Dunichev, who secured the support of TWU Local 100, says the fun has a positive side beside the joy of competitive sport – members get into better physical shape, and cheering on friends boosts camaraderie and union spirit.